Albany, NY

Artist Statement

In each mark, each gesture
a distant landscape lingers.
The dark threads of that day remain.

Rather than the immediate experience with the landscape, these paintings take shape from the moments after. My process is a search through the indefinite spaces that are born from removal and distance from nature. These surfaces are torn apart, collaged, and refigured, becoming present in the space. By manipulating paper and canvas I explore the seeping of memories past their boundaries, growing beyond and rewriting themselves. 


Texas Tech University
2016, MFA in Painting, Emphasis in Art History
GPTI in Painting and Drawing, Teaching Assistant, MFA Student Coordinator

Houston Baptist University
2012, College of Arts and Humanities – BA , Creative Writing minor

Grants & Awards 

2016 & 2017 : Research Intern at  Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center
2016 : Rising Eyes of Texas - 1st Place (Rockport, TX)
Curator - Anna Stothart
2015 : Rising Eyes of Texas- Honorable Mention (Rockport, TX)   
Curator - Shea Little


2018: Surface/Strata - Solo Exhibition, Rochester Museum of Fine Arts (Rochester, NH)
2018: Nine Pin Presents - Tchotchke (Albany, NY)
2017: Nine Pin's First NYS Artist Exhibition (Albany, NY)
2017: Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art, Curator: José Esparza Chong Cuy (Houston, TX)
2016: Remnants - An MFA Thesis Exhibition (Lubbock, TX)
2016: Chasing Ghosts: Art that Pierces the Veil through remembrance, legacy, and beyond (Portland, OR)
2016: The 2016 Williams Prize in Drawing Exhibition (Hartford, CT)
2016: WCO - State of Unions (Denver, CO)
2015 & 2016: Rising Eyes of Texas (Rockport, TX)
2015: Flatbed Austin - Texas Tech University Featured Artist (Austin, TX)
2014: 186,000 Miles Per Second  - LHUCA (Lubbock, TX)
2013: Norwood Flynn – HBU Exhibition  (Dallas, TX)
2013: Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art (Houston, TX)
Curator – Irene Hofmann of SITE Santa Fe